Monday, 27 July 2009

29 - untitled

This week's typeface is by a guest contributor, Mobius Engine... a force for mystery and restraint, Mobius Engine has sent us "Untitled"...

A Man of minimal (and very well chosen) words - no information has been sent - nor image to "showcase"... so we decided to add a simple 400*400 image (with his snazzy logo too!) and these minimal words to hopefully get you to dip your toe in the mysterious world of the Mobius Engine

This typeface is now unavailable for download - but will be included in the limited edition CD Rom of all 52 Typefaces at the beginning of 2010. To secure a CD Rom, please email us (Phil & Gabi) at you would like to get involved in making a typeface for the project, please email us at : or leave a comment below!


  1. Kinda reminds me on some early David Carson work, great stuff, keep up the good work Mobius, Gabi 'n' Phil

  2. yes indeed - NIN and DC were (are?) pals...
    Just glad to provide a platform for people to play on!

  3. Love this font, love quality fonts full stop and this is one. Not sure its that readable but for style it is cool.


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