Sunday, 1 November 2009

43 - flood!

G-R-A flood typeface
We traveled 44 miles to go to a kids party today, with the rain dinging down since 9 am this morning. We hit a few big puddles on the way there, and the rain keeps coming...

"this'll be fun on the way back!"...

Needless to say, one and a half hours at a party we have a lovely time, pass the parcel, eat soem nice party food, have some parental banter with our friends and "think about heading home" at 4pm... it's dark now...

We leave from Johnshaven negotiating big puddles and streams that have increased monumentally in only one hour, hit our first bend and what was a large puddle before, is now a lake that covers the road...  wowzers. we slow to a crawl through the new "brown sea" and have another 41 miles of this to go. Needless to say, plenty of twits on the road thinking they drive DUCKS and we even get to roadblocks the police have set up in Aberdeen. We make the journey home in 2 hours.

We've also had a tree fall down in the back garden, now the winds are up... crazy weather indeed!

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A bit too much water in Aberdeen & Shire

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