Thursday, 22 October 2009

40 - fishing

We've been in Skye on holiday for the first time in three years...first time in skye, ever...and boy oh boy, is it spectacular!
We are particualarly blessed with an amazing appartment... a sweedish stylee home called "fiddlers retreat" thanks to a friend of gabi's mum... woderful!
I was bought a fishing rod by gabi, after parping on for weeks about "fishing in the sea at Skye"... I've not fished since I was 14 or 15... I have to say, everything cam flooding back (no pun intended!) - weights, sea floats, bait...casting... ah, it was a dream. So relaxing and calming, what a brilliant time I had...

I was catching Saithe (Sillex) and Red Cod mostly, but snagged a monster looking Bullfish, what a brute!

The Typeface was inspired by all the rig & set up... the equipment that seemed to be embedded into my memory after all these years...

This typeface is now unavailable for download - but will be included in the limited edition CD Rom of all 52 Typefaces at the beginning of 2010. To secure a CD Rom, please email us (Phil & Gabi) at If you would like to get involved in making a typeface for the project, please email us at : or leave a comment below!

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