Tuesday, 16 June 2009

23 - Maple

Last week, was a hectic week... I (Phil) have been concentrating on getting the NEOS (North East Open Studios) booklet off to print...and there was the small matter of going to the Gray's School of Art Degree Show on Friday night & Saturday... and we've been neglecting doing our demolition duties at Claypots - so TFAW was taking a low priority...

SO!... as we want to use typefaces to relate to our week's events... I thought "better late than never" - and in true fashion of "pulling it out the bag" - I've decided to upload an old font (CHEAT!) but - it was designed for the band I used to be in (Maple)...and fittingly, we recently got back together for a special benefit gig - and it all went swimmingly (much to Scot, Al, Murray and myself's surprise.)

The typeface is a mash up of metrostyle & times...if I remember correctly! It's a bit clunky, a bit unfinished and a bit prickly...yes, just like the band.

I've included a video of one of our performances for you to take stock of....enjoy (?)...

This typeface is now unavailable for download - but will be included in the limited edition CD Rom of all 52 Typefaces at the beginning of 2010. To secure a CD Rom, please email us (Phil & Gabi) at info@g-r-a.co.uk.If you would like to get involved in making a typeface for the project, please email us at : info@g-r-a.co.uk or leave a comment below!

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