Sunday, 11 January 2009

01 - Twigtype (jan11)

01 Jan 2009 - TwigType

Well folks, here it is, the first typeface for our project.

This was originally a hand made alphabet to show at the NEOS2008 event Gabi and I held at the the Gordon Highlanders Museum ( ).

We are preparing for a show at Limousine Bull - entitled "Avian constructs (in a human context)" - and we'd started to explore the materials birds make nests from. We had also recently moved to Inverurie, and started the garden from scratch... we are taking some of the work we created further, for the final exhibition (in March..."some time" (we need to finalise the dates)) - and after living in a detached "private" space (Kingswells), we now live in a semi detached, very close community, where people like to "kain fit's ginging on"... so we are exploring communication, secrecy, seclusion and subtlety (no alliteration was hurt in the making of the blog).

This typeface is now unavailable for download - but will be included in the limited edition CD Rom of all 52 Typefaces at the beginning of 2010. To secure a CD Rom, please email us (Phil & Gabi) at

If you would like to get involved in making a typeface for the project, please email us at : or leave a comment below!

thanks, Phil & Gabi

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  1. Flippin' awesome idea. Font looks ace! Will have a think about ideas.


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